Demand for sustainable, crop protection products is on the increase, owing to a growing global population coupled with an evolving food palate.

AgriMetiS is dedicated to fulfilling this need. 


Our Mission. 

Innovating sustainable crop protection products through leading edge discovery, development and delivery methods. 


  • Entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to become a leader in delivering sustainable crop protection products globally.
  • Utilizing leading edge technology and approaches to discover novel active ingredients for new, patentable and sustainable crop protection products. 
  • Using biology, biochemistry and chemistry to harness the potential in bioactive molecules.
  • Proven and efficient biotechnology approaches in the discovery phase.



  • Deep industry understanding propelling us through the development stages.
  • Engineering and improving production processes for novel derivative compounds.
  • Creating sustainable, cost efficient and safe options in service of a growing and evolving global population.



  • Enhanced and patentable manufacturing methods, delivering an improved product, sooner.
  • Delivering products with better field performance to improve crop yields. 

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