AgriMetis LLC, which is focused on the discovery and development of natural product derived products and related production technologies for the $53B crop protection industry, announces the close of a $7.3m Series A financing led by Syngenta Ventures and Acidophil, LLC.

“Natural products are tailor-made by nature for biological activity and selectivity but their high cost of production has limited their application in agriculture.” says Roger Kemble, a director of AgriMetis, and former President of Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. and research director at Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.. “This is the key challenge that AgriMetis is addressing.”

Philip Goelet, the CEO of AgriMetis, adds “The vision of AgriMetis is to marry recent advances in synthetic biology and chemistry with the advantages that natural products and their derivatives bring to crop protection, focusing on developing new products with improved pest specificity and lowering the cost of goods".

 AgriMetis currently applies its technologies to several commercially validated programs, and is interested in collaborations and/or partnerships.  Additional information can be found at

Achieva, Inc.