AgriMetis Appoints Dr. Daniel Kittle to its Scientific Advisory Board

LUTHERVILLE, MD, May 21, 2017 – AgriMetis has augmented its crop protection product discovery and development expertise by the addition of Dr. Daniel Kittle to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

“The AgriMetis SAB provides world class research leadership in biology, biochemistry, and chemistry,” said Roger Kemble, a member of the Board of Directors of AgriMetis and Chairman of the SAB, adding that “Dan’s ability to provide both technical and business guidance will greatly assist AgriMetis as it develops its lead programs and builds a competitive product pipeline.”

Dr. Kittle received his Ph.D. in phytopathology from the University of Illinois and worked at the USDA-ARS Consortium of Integrated Pest Management as well as the Eli Lilly and Company in various R&D positions across agriculture and pharmaceuticals. He was leading the Lilly Plant Science Discovery function at the time of the DowElanco joint venture and subsequently was given a number of discovery, development and business roles before becoming Vice President of Research and Development for all Crop Protection and Seeds & Trait R&D divisions in Dow AgroSciences. During his 16 years in this leadership role, Dan successfully built an integrated network of internal and external teams recognized externally for transforming science into solutions that delivered one of the most robust and diverse new-product pipelines in the Ag industry.

AgriMetis’ scientific approach of combining chemistry, biochemistry, and biology is multidisciplinary and integrated, which allows it to exploit areas of chemical space and production routes that are inaccessible to others. Steve Tuttle, President and CEO of AgriMetis, said: “AgriMetis continually seeks to deliver better products faster, and we are pleased that Dan will be helping us to achieve that goal.”

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About AgriMetis:
In an evolving and growing global population, there continues to be an increasing demand for sustainable, crop protection products. AgriMetis is dedicated to fulfilling this need.  Our mission is to innovate sustainable crop protection products through leading edge and advanced discovery, development and delivery methods.

The AgriMetis technology platform is at the interface of biology, biochemistry, and chemistry. AgriMetis’ scientific approach is multidisciplinary and integrated, which allows AgriMetis to exploit areas of chemical space and production routes that are inaccessible to others.

AgriMetis was formed in March 2014 and completed a Series B financing in December 2016 to fund agriculture chemical research and development by applying a biopharmaceutical model. With headquarters near Baltimore, Maryland, AgriMetis continues to grow and develop its technologies and capabilities.

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