METIS - Molecular Evolution Through Innovative Science


Our Mission:


To utilize innovative, leading edge methods of Discovery, Development, and Delivery to provide the global community with sustainable crop protection products.


News Flash:

AgriMetis® Receives Second US Patent to Produce More Technologically Advanced, Safer Tool Against Weeds

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  • We possess an entrepreneurial spirit that drives discovery of new technologies and processes for product development.
  • Our research team utilizes the latest technologies for the discovery of novel active ingredients.
  • We make use of the combined sciences of biology, biochemistry, and chemistry to harness the potential in bio-active molecules.
  • Our technical specialists use proven and highly efficient biotechnology procedures in the discovery process.


  • We can rapidly navigate through the product development process, due to our deep understanding of the crop protection industry.
  • Our team is skilled in science and engineering, experienced in utilization of improved production processes.
  • We have a proven track record for developing novel derivative compounds.


  • Our enhanced and patentable manufacturing methods result in a more sustainable delivery of improved products.
  • We strive to deliver better products, resulting in improved field performance.
  • Our goal is to deliver sustainable, safe, and cost-effective crop protection options.