AgriMetis Platform 

Our scientific approach is multidisciplinary and integrated which allows AgriMetis to exploit areas of chemical space and production routes that are inaccessible to others. The AgriMetis platform delivers rapid, efficient, and optimal solutions to challenges in crop protection by bringing innovative products and their production processes to the market faster.


Access Leading Global Expertise

Recent advances in the fields of biology, biochemistry and chemistry have expanded the possibilities to identify and enhance the production of natural products and products derived from, and inspired by, natural products.   These advances include the ability to rapidly and cost effectively screen whole genomes, manipulate biology pathways with unprecedented speed and precision to generate never before produced molecular scaffolds, and efficient production and biological assessment of large groups of compounds.  AgriMetis uses a cost-effective, contracting approach to access the leading, global experts in these fields and rapidly advance new insights.

Focused Discovery

The wealth of opportunities open to AgriMetis requires effective use of literature, academic, and industry partners to identify research programs based on molecular targets that have biological and commercial validation. The current programs address significant unmet market needs and employ clear research and development milestones for advancement and value creation. 

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